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The development of the algorithms that govern the indexing of websites is a changing ecosystem. They are ruled by layers and layers of logical operations, by constant updates and by the addition of new actors. That is why having a leading presence in search engine results pages is increasingly a more specialized activity. Many years ago, when we started to measure in detail the use of advertising resources, Digital Marketing stopped being a random discipline

The new technologies of Data Science allow us to convert advertising expenses into profitable investments with positive returns.

My name is Ferminius and I develop marketing digital strategies based on resources such as organic positioning, pay per click, online content creation and social media. My experience started back in 2010 when you could still fool search engines with strategies like “cloaked content” and meta tags. Today, ten years later and more than 5,000 updates to the indexing algorithm, the digital ecosystem is becoming more specific. We have to take into account all the factors needed to consolidate our presence on the Internet.


Digital Marketing offers a series of possibilities and tools to achieve our goals and one of the most powerful is SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to a number of factors to keep in mind to make our website “friendly” to search engines. This relationship is established online and offline, in other words, from the site boundaries inward and from the site boundaries outward. The relationship of the elements that make up the Web page, internal linking, levels of importance, content strategy, navigability, and user interface and user experience. Link building, external linking, local positioning, and the Relationship of the elements that make up the Web with the rest of the digital ecosystem, are all basic elements that add value to achieve a good ranking position in Google.

Internet is a Human CONTENT NETWORK.

The Word Wide Web is an unprecedented human content network. The way in which it has accelerated the development and growth of our species is based on interconnectivity and the democratization of knowledge. The way in which our digital content contributes and is relevant to the enrichment of this great network is one of the great positioning factors. SEO is an Art form in itself and one of the most effective tools of Digital Marketing.


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SEO and SEM:

Unlike SEO, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a quick method of achieving short-term marketing goals. The success of this type of strategy depends on the time we manage to sustain the investment and the segmentation method used. Unlike campaigns that use SEO, in the case of SEM when we stop paying for our “costs per click” (PPC) campaigns, we stop appearing and the space is occupied by another advertiser. Let’s not forget that this is an auction system and whoever offers the highest bid appears above the next bid level. SEM campaigns are ideal for obtaining immediate objectives: to sell a stock of products, to communicate our brand, to create databases or to be discovered by a certain audience. But unlike SEO they are not sustainable over time unless investment remains constant. PPC campaigns can be carried out on almost all platforms that have a search engine result page: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest. However, the effectiveness of these campaigns will depend on three basic factors: a careful selection of our “buyer persona” at the beginning of the campaign; the selection of the network or networks where the ads will be shown; and a detailed creation of our “conversion funnels” to channel all users according to their interests. The effectiveness and returns on investment will take longer to achieve unless these three points are defined at the beginning of our online marketing campaign.

When does an online marketing campaign stop being an expense to become an investment?

These campaigns will be an advertising expense until the time in which you can put a number to the ROI of your campaigns. Online marketing, unlike Traditional Marketing, allows handling a large amount of data so that everything can be measured in detail. The Return on investment is perfectly measurable and scalable over time. The final objective of any Online Marketing campaign is to define how much we receive in return for every dollar spent in our ads campaigns.

Social Media Strategy

Social Networks can be divided into two types, Professional networks and networks for leisure. Professional Platforms and Platforms created for users to contribute their own content. These contents of interest to users allow collecting valuable information from each of them and their relationship circles and, in turn, establish profiles to be subsequently exploited or marketed as advertising media.

Big Data or Data Technology

Data is the gold of our time. Campaigns that are not aimed at generating databases omit the main factor of income, contact and administration of users. Databases are one of the main assets of our time. Data science is what gives companies the best business opportunities and the best returns. Bid Data is the DNA of Online Marketing in these times thank to the volume of data .

2018 was a year in which Google (The premiere search engine at the global level) decided to implement the policy known as “first mobile device” and although the policy sought to bring greater importance to searches made from mobile devices, this had already been a trend since 2016.

The formula is relatively simple “clear objectives” + “measurement of results” + “improvements” = “Positive Return on Investment” [ROI] CO + MS + Im = +ROI

CO + MS + Im = +ROI

In this digital ecosystem with accelerated dynamics each element adds new amounts of data and new business opportunities.

Online Marketing, through its main tools: SEO, social media and data analysis, has generated a disruption of what was traditionally known as marketing. Although traditional media such as television and radio continue to exist, most marketing actions aim to lead users to a conversion into a digital medium.

Are you ready to generate a disruptive change in your online business model? If you’re not ready, chances are your competitors are already doing it.

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