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Recent Projects

Recent projects is the page where you will find the latest projects in execution and future content developments.

Who are you?
The rescue of historical memory.


Cultural Anthropology, the study of human groups and social organization, is usually associated with written ethnographies. Visual Anthropology uses photography, film and other visual resources. In the Carmelina Project we take anthropology to a new level by introducing new digital technologies. The Project’s Online Digital Platform created using Artificial Intelligence tools houses the Manrara and Gastón family trees allowing users to explore their family tree, view family photos, personal documents, historical archives, and additional video clips. The Project’s Online Web Platform and the Video become a multi-format Interactive Platform.

Arte Mundo Latino

Arte Mundo Latino (Latin World Art) is an art related investigations’ content blog. The idea was born from an hour-long Television Show with the same name, aired for six years on DirecTV and Time Warner. Because of the difficulties of creating a two-dimensional communication channel (TV is the ultimate unidirectional channel, therefor it’s slow and painful extinction) there was the idea of moving the TV show to a content platform, with a good SEO position and optimization, to offer Inbound content to an audience that could, at any time, have an interaction and an interests and ideas exchange linked to culture.

Visit: Arte Mundo Latino

Gourmet Secret

Ferminius Gourmet Secrets

The cuisine, the culinary art of each country is a factor that will join the members of this group wherever they are. So, to show how successful microentrepreneurs achieve their goals, taking what’s their own (their cuisine, their gran mother’s recipes in many of the cases) and from there start to develop a mix of what they brought from home and what the new culture that’s hosting them has to offer, it’s an excellent story with a very strong emotional content.

What [other] People Believe in

The concept was to stablish philosophical shocking content, to be able to mix on the same show different interviewed, covering topics such as tolerance, women, homosexuality, the need of the concept or idea of God, to stablish branding with this, for different brands that were co-producing the idea. The brands activate their marketing philosophy and build communities around very specific topics and interests.

The show had exposure through the mobile channels, Youtube and Facebook, segmented in the different communities that it was aimed to.