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Recent projects is the page where you will find the latest projects in execution and future content developments.

Solo Migra! - Just Migrate!

Solo Migra is a comprehensive program designed to promote digital transition and the use of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, for businesses. With a focus on streamlining processes and improving overall efficiency, Solo Migra provides guidance and support to companies embarking on their digital transformation journey. By collaborating with industry leaders and technology partners, the program ensures that it remains at the forefront of innovation. Solo Migra offers workshops, seminars, and training sessions to educate businesses on the benefits of embracing digital transition and new technologies. The program has successfully assisted numerous companies in implementing advanced solutions, resulting in increased productivity and competitiveness in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Who are you?
The rescue of historical memory.


Cultural Anthropology, the study of human groups and social organization, is usually associated with written ethnographies. Visual Anthropology uses photography, film and other visual resources. In the Carmelina Project we take anthropology to a new level by introducing new digital technologies. The Project’s Online Digital Platform created using Artificial Intelligence tools houses the Manrara and Gastón family trees allowing users to explore their family tree, view family photos, personal documents, historical archives, and additional video clips. The Project’s Online Web Platform and the Video become a multi-format Interactive Platform.

Arte Mundo Latino

Arte del Mundo Latino (Latin World Art) is a blog dedicated to exploring and investigating various aspects of Latin art. Initially, the concept was introduced as an hour-long television program broadcast for six years on DirecTV and Time Warner. Recognizing the limitations of one-way communication inherent in traditional television (which has contributed to its gradual decline), the decision was made to transition the show into an SEO-optimized content platform. This move allowed Arte Mundo Latino to provide engaging, inbound content to its audience, fostering interaction and the exchange of ideas and interests related to Latin culture. By focusing on strong SEO strategies and positioning, the Arte del Mundo Latino platform effectively connects with its target audience while encouraging meaningful dialogue around the fascinating world of Latin art.

Visit: Arte Mundo Latino

Gourmet Secret

Ferminius Gourmet Secrets

Culinary Art, the unique and diverse expression of each nation’s gastronomy, serves as a unifying factor for members of this group, no matter where they are located. Highlighting the success stories of microentrepreneurs who have achieved their goals by drawing upon their heritage (often utilizing their grandmother’s cherished recipes) and blending it with the offerings of their host culture creates a powerful narrative with deep emotional resonance. By focusing on the captivating world of Culinary Art, this content effectively engages its audience and emphasizes the importance of preserving and celebrating traditional cuisine while embracing the richness of new cultural experiences.

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El objetivo principal de este contenido innovador fue establecer debates que invitaran a la reflexión sobre creencias religiosas reuniendo a diversos entrevistados para explorar temas como la tolerancia, los problemas de la mujer, la homosexualidad y el concepto o la necesidad de una deidad. Al asociar la marca con estas conversaciones interesantes, las marcas coproductoras pudieron activar sus filosofías de marketing y crear comunidades centradas en temas e intereses específicos relacionados con las creencias religiosas.

Para garantizar la máxima exposición y alcance, el contenido se distribuyó a través de canales móviles, YouTube y Facebook, dirigido a las diversas comunidades para las que fue diseñado. Al centrarse en el tema convincente de las Creencias religiosas, este contenido no solo genera un diálogo significativo, sino que también se conecta de manera efectiva con su público objetivo al tiempo que fomenta una comprensión más profunda de las diversas perspectivas sobre la fe y la espiritualidad.