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Creating Medical Leads adds value to your Medical practice when comparing prices with other Medical practices. Implementing a robust Lead strategy means specifically targeting what your potential patients need, capturing their attention, engagement and retention.
Medical Leads are by their nature, leads with high levels of conversion and very prone to also develop high levels of retention. People tend to seriously consider their health needs, so this type of lead presents attitudes on the part of the user or patient that must be channeled to achieve the desired “engagement” that every business pursues with its customer acquisition strategy.
Converting your ideal client into an active patient and inserting it into your database is, in short, the optimal path to obtaining new Medical Leads.

Generation of Medical Leads.

Explained in this way, the process would seem to be relatively simple, but it happens that most companies get lost in the long road between their needs to attract new prospects and the prospects themselves. This article groups the main errors, according to our experience of more than 8 years capturing Medical Leads.

Errors in the acquisition of Medical Leads:

1-You don’t know your prospects and you don’t do anything to make your prospects know you.
If you do not know what your “Buyer persona” is like, you cannot know where he is, how he behaves, what his habits are, what media he usually consults and what are the triggers that cause them to generate a specific marketing action. This is a serious mistake because you will always have to pay to reach these users who do not know you. If they did, they [the users] would come to you without having to pay.


2- “Half of the money you invest in advertising is wasted”
Another detail in which Clinics and Health Centers usually fail is when selecting an adequate investment budget and the KPIs [key performance indicator] necessary to guarantee the return on this Investment.
John Wanamaker (1838-1922) was a businessman, religious leader, politician, considered by some, as a “pioneer in marketing”, he was the creator of a series of retail stores that were later absorbed by Macy’s.
This curious character coined the phrase: “Half of the money you invest in advertising is wasted, the problem is that we do not know which half is” and this is the point at which many companies linked to the medical environment tend to falter.
Any strategy related to attracting new prospects must aim to optimize this budget by collecting data and creating KPIs that guarantee an early return on investment [ROI]. Advertising expenditures must be converted into advertising spend in a short period of time, usually no longer than 60 days.

How to Capture Medical Leads

3-It is sold of fried smoke!
The term “fried smoke” is a term coined by a prestigious YouTube channel “Manuel Milanes” linked to economic analysis. Social networks are the perfect machinery for the “sale of fried smoke.” I have 98 thousand followers, but I have no sales. It is a common statement. Do not lose focus in relation to social networks. Social media companies are companies that profit from the personal data of users, just read the license agreement of Facebook or Instagram. So they care little or nothing about offering the possibility that users, can take advantage of the communities we create, in fact, once you build your community you have to pay to communicate with it.

Healthcare Leads

Social networks must be managed with a clear strategy in relation to our marketing objectives. They can be very effective if we clearly define our KPIs. The construction of communities can be done within social networks as long as we find a way to extract these communities and insert them into our databases. According to our experience this is the correct strategy. Everything else would be to assume unnecessary expenses and risks by depending on a large community of thousands of people sending out their emotional criteria about our service or brand.

4-Web Design for Medical leads.
The website is the center of any Marketing strategy after the year 2000. Losing sight of this important element is wasting a lot of the conversion potential of the leads that come to our company, whether they are paid or organic. Everyone has “a cousin” or a “friend of my son” who “knows how to make free Web pages.” These are the most expensive pages in the world. Google usually places our business in the digital ecosystem by taking into account our website. The relationship with other platforms such as Google My Business, Google Search console and other websites are part of the indexing factors that are taken into account for the indexing of sites in the digital ecosystem. The Website must be an optimized platform for the capture and processing of Leads. Implicit distractions within our website determine how effective our new prospecting strategy can be. Every new website is penalized with a few months of presence on the SERP [search engine result page]. For the Website to be included in Google search results, it needs to meet at least 50% of the more than 200 indexing factors. Do you really want to entrust your website, the strategic center of your customer acquisition campaign, to a non-professional person?

We do not advise it!

B2B Lead Generation

5- Ignore Digital Marketing Tools

There is a set of basic tools for recruiting Medical Leads that, put to work together, can deliver extraordinary results. The first of these marketing tools is Google Ads. Google Ads is Google's advertising platform and since its creation in October 2000 it has been incorporating Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that are increasingly specialized. These Algorithms can be activated to make our Medical Leads Acquisition campaigns more effective. The dynamism of this platform allows the micro-segmentation of our prospects, the creation of new audiences based on behaviors, analysis of purchase attitude, locations, and a wide profile of tools that can connect us with our ideal client.
Medical Lead
Healthcare Leads
Medical Leads with the best conversion rate in the Market.

Micro-segmentation of the target audience allows us to optimize the investment budget, since it shows us exactly how much money it costs to recruit each new patient.

Another important basic tool in the process of attracting medical leads is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a web analytics tool, launched on November 14, 2005 and almost 90% free. This tool allows us to: analyze in detail each of the details of our website, establish new strategies based on data and make decisions taking into account the behavior of users on our website. This is the reason why all the traffic generated from our PPC campaigns [pay per click], organic traffic, or traffic from social networks, must be channeled to our Website or parts of it in order to obtain accurate statistics that allow us make data-driven decisions.

Stop wasting money on your medical leads and start getting a positive return.

6-Buy Medical Leads.

Many companies turn to companies that sell Medical Leads that may even be effective. This is not an ideal situation because leads are not directly tied to our value proposition, so regardless of what they cost they have a very high “extra” cost of conversion. The ideal situation is to capture the prospects directly related to our “value proposition” and then insert them into a database to configure a conversion “funnel” that allows us to carry out “remarketing” campaigns this time without additional costs. Therefore, the best Medical Leads are those that we generate based on resources directly linked to our value proposition.


The high demand for medical leads, given its high level of conversion, makes it one of the most profitable areas of medical marketing. Seventy percent (70%) of the face value of any medical company depends on the company’s database. Paying for the acquisition of a prospect and then not hitting him again with remarketing is to waste 90% of a lead’s potential. Therefore, it is extremely important to channel all prospects that access our company’s advertising through our conversion funnel.
In the world of satellite communications in which social networks draw the profiles of our companies, the capture of new prospects must be done thinking that they are something more than an investment. They are the real value and weight of the company.

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