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Miami is “the cleanest city in the United States,” according to Forbes magazine. A 2008 article hails its clean water, how it maintains a natural ecosystem, its air quality, and legislative preservation of its natural environment. It is located in southeast Florida, around the Miami River, with its back to the Everglades and facing the Atlantic Ocean. Miami is the point of convergence of immigration from Latin America, the Caribbean and parts of Europe. This last detail gives a particular accent to the ethnic multiplicity that make up its streets, its festivals, its cuisine, its culture and its language. More than 5.4 million people live in the metropolitan area of the city, making it the ninth metropolitan area of the United States.

SEO in Miami Dade

Miami Dade County with a population of just over 2.5 million inhabitants is the county where the city of Miami is located and where “Spanish” is the language spoken by 70% of its inhabitants while English is only spoken by 25% of its inhabitants. This implies a considerable challenge for agencies that intend to develop local communication strategies within this county.

How to do SEO in Miami?

Doing SEO in Miami in 2023 involves a number of factors starting with the Google CORE update. “BERT” [Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers] by its acronym in English. It was announced as the most important Update in the last 5 years and it would affect searches depending on their context. Although this update is already working for searches in English, its implementation in the Spanish language, [at the time this article was written, February 2021], is gradual.

Miami dade SEO

Doing SEO in Miami means understanding the difference between “ahora” and “ahorita” in different cultural groups such as “Cubans”, “Peruvians” and “Venezuelans” just to mention some of the main components of the digital ecosystem.

Thanks to open source “artificial intelligence” algorithms, [also a novelty] like BERT, Google intends to understand searches in your local context. If you don’t know and carefully segment your target, in a predominantly Spanish-speaking city of more than 70%, you will have lost more than a third of effectiveness in the impact and positioning of your website.

Seo Expert Miami

An SEO Expert in Miami should keep in mind that each target is different, also you need to take into account their cultural original, their relationship with the language and the Spanish they speak is different.
It would be absurd to expect effectiveness or positioning if these micro-segmentation details are not taken into account in the marketing actions directed to this population.

To find an SEO agency in Miami that can position correctly, you need to consider that 70 percent of the Local population is Spanish-speaking.

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To correctly execute an SEO strategy, the main points must revolve around Local strategies that allow obtaining correct data of the metrics and the behavior of the users within the Website. User experience [UX] is another relevant factor in WEB positioning. The User Experience in particular, the UX in mobile media will increasingly be a clear sign of Web positioning.

SEO Agency in Miami.

To find an SEO agency in Miami that can position correctly, you need to consider that 70 percent of the Local population is Spanish-speaking. It is important to evaluate the detail it gives to the micro segmentation of this particular “Spanish” target.

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