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What is the Most Effective Video?  How do We Define the Effectiveness of Video Content? 

The video is a medium that came as a result of the technological development of two factors, on the one hand the development of Internet bandwidth and on the other the development of compression codecs [mpg4-H262-Apple ProRes-and the development of Quicktime] and digital handling in parallel of a higher and higher processing capacity. The Impact of online video has been of such a magnitude that it has managed to extinguish conventional Television giving way to an online television on demand and adapted to the specific needs of users.

Conventional marketing has also had to give way to video marketing, a type of content marketing that is more and more linked to generating value in the viewer and where the induction to purchase has moved to a second place in relation to its great Maximum that is to create “engagement“.

Youtube Marketing Inbound [spanish – version] 

The great contribution of the video has been to turn the static into interactive, firing the concept of “Storytelling” a way to generate Inbound content that connects emotionally with people, strengthening relationships with the brand and motivating the interest that finally leads to action.


Inbound marketing is a content marketing focused on bringing customers by generating value with relevant interactions, these interactions subsequently translate into actions that directly lead to our marketing objectives.

Unlike Outbound marketing that is more direct and aggressive [buy, buy, buy] Inbound marketing aims to seduce and is designed to address the problems and needs of its ideal customers, pursuing engagement with the audience, specializing in attracting qualified and micro-segmented prospects and generating credibility with brands.

The Video is one of the tools closest to the user in “The Zero Moment of Truth[ZMOT] is that moment in which the user once has discovered the need, thanks to the impact of a stimulus, goes to the internet for references or information about the product or service he or she wants to purchase. This is the moment when our contents of interest work on providing value once the stimulus has impacted the consumer.


Zero Moment Of Truth is a study where Google analyzes the impact that internet has had on consumer’s buying habits. Coining the term ZMOT (Zero Moment of True) or the zero moment of truth. In this study, Google takes the first approach to this concept created by Procter & Gamble and that was called (First moment of the truth) FMOT referring to the point of sales like a crucial element within the chain that leads to the act of buying. Google, for their part, doing an analysis of thousands of consumers has added a new link to this process.


Formerly the mental model, the classic one, the Procter & Gamble model had the following routine: In the beginning The Stimulus: The user was impacted by commercial content on TV, in the press or in the Radio, the suggestion of a friend, a magazine in the hairdresser, etc. and the need was awakened.
1- (the first moment of truth, The Gondola) -The user was going to the store and in the product gondola was the one he or she was looking for, probably helped by the young man in the store.
2- (The second moment of truth, The Experience) – The user buys and takes it home where it meets its needs or not; but in any case, here is where the chain that led to the purchase ends.

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Currently, there is one more element, an element that lies between the Stimulus and the Purchase and that can vary the results of the sales process. This element is Internet.

The current Google’s ZMOT process adds the “query time” that is the moment of “online consultation”, the moment the consumer looks for information about the product or service in question.

A study reveals that already in 2011 an average buyer performs about 10.4 searches before making a purchase decision which means that it is at this time that our content must be present in order to participate in this decision-making process.

This new moment has new characteristics, the ones that stand out among them are:

1- The consumer always has the control, extracts the information that he or she wants, instead of receiving it in a passive way.

2- The satisfaction of this need is closely linked to the “emotions” to find the best solution.

3- Interaction is multi-directional, it involves marketing specialists, specialized websites, ordinary people, and strangers, all expressing their opinion and competing for attention.

4- It’s in Real-Time , it’s happening at all times, right now.
In a World where speeds are higher and a common spectator is exposed to more than 3500 advertising impacts per day, marketing must aim at capturing for our brand, service or product this “zero moment of truth”, strategically placing us where our Ideal user searches for references, reviews, comments, or information about us, what we sell or what we do.

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Here are some recommendations from Google to try to capture that ZMOT moment .

• Designate a person in charge of finding that moment in the behavior of our consumers.
• Look inside them (consumers) for those zero moments with appropriate strategies.
• Always answer consumer questions that usually arrive by any means.
• Optimize our media with a view to the moment ZMOT
• Act quickly, if you don’t the competition will do it for you.
• Do not forget the video media. This medium is very popular when it comes to answering questions about “how it is done”, “Unboxig”, “where to get”, comparisons between type “model A vs model B”, “top ten …” • And last, go ahead, there is no time to waste.
This is a summary view of this study by Google titled “Winning the Zero Moment of Truth – ZMOT” or “the Zero Moment of Truth” where you can get a vision of how buyers’ buying habits have changed after Internet’s arrival.

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