SEO and Online Marketing in Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands are two consecutive Islands that connect the mainland peninsula to the beach and the ocean. The Islands were created by Lawyer and philanthropist Shepard Broad who envisioned a community settling on two mangrove covered islets of Biscayne Bay.
Initially, the Real Estate Development Project was designed to create an Island for family homes and another for condominiums. Currently the main street “Kane Concourse” that crosses the Islands has been booming with businesses linked to the world of Real Estate, Services, Ethnic Shops, Banks, Private Golf Club and Jewelry.

SEO at Bay Harbor Islands

The geographical location of the Islands located at coordinates 25 ° 53′18 ″ N80 ° 8′1 ″ W and with an area of 1.38 km2. Bay Harbor Islands is an excellent geographical connection and one of the three entrances to the beach circuit. SEO in Bay Harbor Islands makes it possible to connect with areas close to Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Bal Harbor, Surfside and the Biscayne Bay area, a mixture of English and Spanish speaking communities with high purchasing power.

Web positioning in Bay Harbor Is.

Web positioning in Bay Harbor Is an excellent alternative to reach various communities of medium-high purchasing power since it crosses geographical areas such as Miami Beach, Sunny Isles, Bal Harbour and North Miami Beach with high-level zip codes in transactional searches. [ready searches to generate a conversion]

PPC or Pay per Click Advertising.

PPC marketing has some interesting features such as the potential to generate immediate results. Results that at all times will depend on a meticulous work of keyword research and a sustained investment over time.

PPC o Pay per Click advertising.

One detail that we always clarify to the users of our services is that after you stop paying the Google Ads campaign, all the positions won are lost. It is imperative to accompany PPC or pay-per-click campaigns with an SEO and organic positioning campaign to maintain the results obtained for a longer time.

PPC campaigns can be found on almost every digital platform today. There are pay per click campaigns for Google Ads, pay per click campaigns for Facebook, pay per click campaigns for Instagram, pay per click campaigns for Linkedin, pay per click campaigns for Bing, pay per click campaigns for Pinteres and campaigns pay per view for YouTube.

Artificial Intelligence tools

Most platforms that support pay-per-click advertising generally use Artificial Intelligence tools. Artificial Intelligence tools in marketing are extremely effective if configured correctly. These tools generally have a period of study or “learning” during which the behavior of users and the interaction of users with ads, with services, and comments regarding the institutional brand are studied. This study period, between seven and thirty days, guarantees effectiveness and cost optimization.

To find an SEO agency in Miami that can position correctly, you need to consider that 70 percent of the Local population is Spanish-speaking.

The use of artificial intelligence tools can result in an increase in databases, increased sales, optimization of user-product interactions and geographic positioning in specific areas of the city.

Social Media And Social Marketing in Bay Harbor Is

The creation of content for social networks requires a careful analysis of the corporate image, company, product or services. Social Networks can be a positioning factor and can generate very effective traffic if they are managed with result-oriented strategies and and specific Kpi’s. Social networks have a huge component of “EGO” that ends up dragging companies to constantly feed content without obtaining concrete commercial results. To counteract this trend, it is important to contain the ego component and focus our campaigns on specific objectives, making clear from the beginning the points to be achieved and the way to check them [Key performance indicators]

Among the Social Media tools linked to Artificial Intelligence that we use the most in Digital Media 365 and with better results, is the tool for “related publics” on Facebook. A tool that allows us to get new databases from the databases that we already have.
The Kit of social networks is realizing that they are designed so that users stay within the platforms. Although we build communities from scratch to communicate with these communities and impact them with advertising content, we have to pay the platforms. A correct Social Media strategy should always aim to remove our users from the platform in order to have access to them at a minimum cost.

Bay Harbor Islands is a thriving community halfway between the beach circuit and the mainland, with an excellent growth profile linked to Tourism, Real Estate, Cosmetic Surgery, Jewelry, Hotel and Gastronomic Services. It is deal for positioning consumer products given the high index of “transactional” searches in the SERP, closely linked to tourism and very close to one of the most exclusive malls in South Florida Bal Harbor Shopping Mall.

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