Social Media Strategy Linkedin

What sells on LinkedIn

What sells on LinkedIn? The most important thing that can be sold on LinkedIn is you, your personal brand. LinkedIn is the open resume of millions and millions of professionals. It is not a spamming network and you should not send unsolicited messages. It is a professional network. What sells on LinkedIn? The most important … Read more

Social Media Strategy Facebook

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Social Media Marketing Strategy. Facebook It is the most massive of social networks and has even managed to displace consolidated networks in local markets such as Orkut in Brazil and Google+. Despite the doubts of its economic forecasts and its stock market valuation, the number of users continues to grow and conquer new countries. There … Read more

Social Media Strategy Twitter

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Twitter. It’s what’s happening. Twitter has managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the existing social networks. The follow-ups are not reciprocal as it happens in other social networks. The hashtag system is one of the keys to Twitter’s success and differentiation from other social networks. This has allowed easy integration with other media, … Read more